Regional Community Vet Clinic neuter 31 cats in inaugural de-sexing day.

Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC), a Mt Alexander Shire based non-profit organisation, were generously gifted an anonymous donation from cat lovers in the community to host the clinics first de-sexing day. Throughout the day RCVC neutered 31 cats from independent rescuers and farmsteads across the Loddon Mallee region.


Castlemaine, Victoria – May 29, 2022


In an ambitious endeavour a group of Central Victorian residents have come together to establish a Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC). The goal of this clinic is to support people who are experiencing dire financial situations to care for their companion animals, to run neutering programs and to support and promote the value of companion animals in the community.


RCVC recently secured State government funding to turn their goal into a reality.  “We are just in the very early stages” says founding member James Mack of Castlemaine. “One of the first stages of our plan is to raise funds to set up a non-profit veterinary clinic on land associated with Campbells Creek Community Centre”.  A clinic at this site will be an opportunity to assist people experiencing financial hardship to access preventative veterinary care.  “This care could be a game changer for many people who have a tight bond with their animals but just cannot afford the veterinary care required by their animals.  For some people, their animals are their lifeline and not to be able to afford care for their loved one can be devastating” explains James.

As well as providing non-profit community vet care, RCVC will also be a place for the community to come together to support neutering programs.  Neutering programs are proactive interventions that work to curb cat colonies while maintaining healthy environments for both the cats and the community, in an attempt to reduce disease and unwanted kittens.

Through generous community donations and the offer to run a program in a local vet clinic, an inaugural community vet neutering day was run by RCVC.  On a cold Sunday in May, volunteers came together to help with the desexing of 31 cats.  The cats came through local independent rescuers from colonies and farms from Maryborough to Maldon; 8 female cats were spayed while 23 males were castrated.
Robyn from Maldon, a founding member of RCVC, explains “Neutering programs are so effective.  Every female cat has the potential to birth 6-10 kittens a year, by six months each of these kittens can start reproducing their own litters of kittens.  The population growth is exponential, and you can see how cat colonies can get out of control”. She goes on to say, “It’s fantastic to think the eight cats spayed during this program prevented up to 200 unwanted kittens being born in the next 12 months”.


RCVC is a grass roots community program that has a big goal to assist people living at or below the poverty line in regional communities which prevents them from providing the care their animal requires. Founding member, Dr. Yvette Berkeley from McKenzie Hill says “the goal includes providing access to preventative health veterinary services, running neutering programmes, and also supporting companion pet care in people’s homes. We believe in the power of pets to help people maintain their independence, wellbeing, and general health. Promoting the well-being of pets directly affects the health and well-being of people”.


RCVC have 3 key activities planned for the next 12 months:

  1. Fundraising activity to raise the additional $200,000 needed to complete the build.
  2. Seeking expressions of interest from practicing veterinarians who are interested in contributing their time to procedures at the clinic when open.
  3. Hosting community events and information sessions both to support the clinic, but also to educate about responsible pet ownership across the region.


In the mean-time RCVC invite anyone who is interested in contributing, or would like to know more about the organisation and its mission to write to them at, call 0493 447 394 or visit and sign up for the newsletter or visit directly to donate to the cause.


About Regional Community Vet Clinic:

Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) was founded in 2021 with the belief that companion animals play a vital role in the welfare and overall wellbeing of residents in regional communities.

Our mission is to establish facilities that provide affordable, quality veterinary care for companion animals when their owners are experiencing social disadvantage or financial hardship in Central Victoria.


Media Contact:

James Mack

Co-Founder & Secretary

Mobile: +61 411 823 787

Images courtesy of Mandy Murphy Baker.