RCVC Stories

As a 100% Not-for-profit organisation, all contributions from our generous donors go towards helping pets and their people across regional Victoria.

Below are some stories outlining how your support makes an impact to our community.

– Team RCVC

Miss Eddie

Meet Miss Eddie, a real charmer 🐾

Regional Community Vet Clinic first met Eddie at a Castlemaine de-sexing clinic, she was barley 3 months old and had already developed a weepy sunken eye, we made the decision to delay her de-sexing and tried medications to treat her eye, unfortunately the treatments had little effect and the decision was made that for her quality of life her eye needed to be removed.

Eddie was from a farm, where she probably sustained an injury to her eye and the property owners unfortunately couldn’t afford the cost of the medications or surgery.

Using donations from our generous community and supporters we were able to pay for her eye surgery at a local veterinary clinic.

We’re happy to report that she is now living a very happy life, enjoying her scratching post and playing hide and seek with her loving people, Eddie is now an inside only cat.

A very happy ending for this gorgeous little girl ❤️🐈

Margaret and Buddy

This is the very handsome Buddy and his person Margaret.

Margaret unfortunately had a fall and broke her pelvis, which has resulted in it being unsafe for her to give Buddy the long walks he enjoys.

A volunteer from Regional Community Vet Clinic walks Buddy a few times a week and then settles in for a good chat and a cupper with Margaret.

Margaret assures us that Buddy knows what days we are due to arrive and he eagerly awaits our arrival, perched on the couch, looking out of the window. Buddy is partial to playing a quick game of keepings off, before going on his walk with his favorite toy a ‘Pink Pig’ that he likes to show off.

Without the volunteer outreach services of RCVC, Buddy wouldn’t be receiving the stimulating walks and Margaret & her volunteer wouldn’t have become friends.

Our outreach services aren’t all about the companion animals’ needs sometimes, we also provide a social connection and friendship to their wonderful people too.

Robert and Spot

Meet the adorable Spot and his loving owner Robert 🐾

Spot was diagnosed with diabetes later in his life and his person Robert was overwhelmed at the time with the diagnosis itself and then all that went with it – twice daily injections, dietary modifications, regular glucose checks and close monitoring.

Regional Community Vet Clinic was contacted by Spots vet for help and one of our wonderful outreach volunteers stepped in and over a period of 6 months helped Robert and Spot navigate the sometimes-rocky journey of a newly diagnosed dog diabetic.

RCVC provided house visits in the early days to administer the injections and help guide Robert in the drawing-up and injecting of the insulin.

As you can imagine Spot wasn’t always a happy recipient of help, but a mutual respect was achieved in the end.

We still keep in touch with monthly phone calls or visits to Spot and Robert and will always be available if they need us again.

Another happy ending, enabling the human animal bond to continue with a little help from RCVC. ❤️