Bringing Pets & the Community Together

Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) was founded with the belief that companion animals play a vital role in the welfare and overall wellbeing of residents in regional communities.

The massive geographic spread and reduced access to infrastructure coupled with residents in regional areas often being in a higher age bracket or living on a low fixed income often means that animals in these areas are not able to receive the level of care offered closer to the CBD.

Our mission is to provide affordable animal care services to residents in these areas to increase community wellbeing, animal health and reduce the burden on local veterinarians, animal welfare organisations and councils.

Pet owners working with a low/fixed income often avoid taking their animal to the vet for regular check-ups and routine procedures because they are concerned about the costs.

This often leads pets to reach a point where health issues become irreversible or incredibly expensive leading to early euthanasia, surrender or abandonment.

By providing a facility that provides affordable proactive care across the region and educates pet owners about the importance of routine care we believe we can save the lives of hundreds of beloved companion animals.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

For all people to have access to veterinary care for their companion animals.

Our mission

To establish facilities that provide affordable, quality veterinary care for companion animals when their owners are experiencing social disadvantage or financial hardship in Central Victoria.

Why we're needed

Based on our research over 15% of companion animals in Mt Alexander Shire and its surrounding regions are missing out on essential veterinary care due to services being financially or physically out of reach for owners.


Our Impact

Cats Desexed

Volunteer Hours in Community Outreach

Hours in Pop-Up Clinics

Robyn and Yvette from the Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) provided amazing care for my elderly mother’s Staffie, Mary.

Mary needed regular eye drops to continue a happy life, and proved to be a very difficult patient especially for my mum. Fortunately for us Robyn stepped in to give Mary her eye drops and at the same time spent many hours every week with my mum, which was a great bonus.

This whole process made me realise just how important it is to take care of the pets of our elderly and how essential the Regional Community Vet Clinic is for the community. Without the RCVC’s help Mary would no longer be with us and mum would have lost her best friend, whereas now Mary is as healthy and happy as can be.

Thank you very much Robyn and Yvette – keep up the good work!

Adam Dettrick

Director, Adam Dettrick Architects

In October 2022 my dog Spot was diagnosed with Diabetes at Castlemaine Veterinary Clinic and remained under observation for two nights.

It was there that I was introduced to RCVC and its volunteers who undertook to help me to care for Spot at home.  And so it began – the instructions, advice, countless daily phone calls, car trips to my property, all this to hopefully teach new tricks to an old dog like me “and it worked” not because of my ability but because of the tireless efforts over four months of a volunteer from RCVC.

Her patience, support, wisdom, guidance, common sense, humanity and care did enable this old dog to gain confidence and be able to care for Spot and for this I am grateful. 

Robert Watson

Our Affordable Veterinary Care Services

We believe that every pet needs and deserves veterinary care to keep them healthy and happy for their entire lives.

But the unfortunate truth is that sometimes a visit to the vet is financially out of reach for some.

At RCVC our care services are designed to be affordable and accessible to anyone in need.


Affordable and accessible desexing to help prevent unwanted litters and promote responsible pet ownership.


Microchipping and registering your pet will help you to be contacted if your they go missing.

Vaccinations & Health Checks

Boost your pet’s immunity helping them live a happy and long life with regular vaccinations and health checks.

Proactive Pet Services

Prevent long term health issues before they start with worm, flea and tick treatment, nail trimming, gland expression and more…

Dental Check & Clean

Approximately 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by the age of four. Regular checks can keep treatment costs low.

Minor Lump Removals

Removing minor lumps and growths before they become an issue and improve your pets quality of life long-term.

Please Note

RCVC is not planned as a full-service veterinary clinic, and we can not treat animals who are injured or are in emergency situations. If a companion animal requires treatment that is outside our mission, we will link the companion animal and their owners into appropriate services and resources where possible and practical.

Our Community Outreach Services

We appreciate that not every pet is in need of veterinary services, but just need some additional care that might be a struggle for their owner due to health or financial constraints.

Our community services are designed to help owners keep their pets safer and happier and at home longer.

Pet Exercising

Giving pets access to stimulation and excercise in situations where their owners may struggle with the physical exertion.

Administering Medication

Assisting with administering medications like eye drops or tablets in instances where owners may be unsure or unable.


Assistance with transporting pets and their owners to and from veterinary appointments where possible.

Pet Food Donations

Working with local services to provide donations of pet food to owners experiencing difficult circumstances.

Emergency Boarding or Visits

Temporary or emergency care for pets when their owners are admitted to hospital or are undergoing treatment.

Basic Grooming & Care

Assistance with basic pet upkeep like tooth cleaning and minor grooming where the owner is unable to.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions? We’ll try to answer them!

As a community focused organisation our primary goal is transparency. In order for RCVC to operate, achieve our goal and thrive we need the support of the community which we believe should be earned through clear communication.

We hope this section answers some of the most pressing questions from the community, but if we haven’t answered something you are dying to know about you can email us at anytime!

Who Will be Eligible to use RCVC

As we slowly begin to open the clinic services will means tested and limited to pet owners currently receiving Government benefits or concessions due to financial hardship. Exact requirements will be outlined when the clinic opens.

Will this hurt local veterinarians?

We love vets, in fact one of our founders is a local veterinarian. RCVC is designed to provide services to clients and their companion animals that are experiencing such financial hardship that they would never consider setting foot inside a private vet clinic.

By providing a Non-Profit alternative to private veterinary care we can significantly reduce the financial and emotional burden of veterinary professionals who conflicted with their desire to help are confronted by the reality of operating a profitable business to support themselves, their family, and their staff.

RCVC aims to work closely with local veterinarians to help subsidize and support clients who need veterinary care outside of RCVC’s scope so they can support animals without putting their business as risk.

Are you an animal welfare organisation?

RCVC is founded on a shared love of animals but also an understanding of the physical and mental health benefits a pet can bring to people.

There are already a number of fantastic animal welfare organisations across regional Victoria that provide wonderful support for unowned, surrendered or abandoned animals and we have no desire to detract from their work.

We believe RCVC will bring a collaborative and complimentary service to regional Victoria by allowing financially challenged members of the community an opportunity to care for their animals, we significantly reduce levels of animal abandonment or surrender in the community, as well as offering to facilitate responsible pet ownership services like chipping and spaying.

Does RCVC Currently Operate a Mobile Clinc?

Not as of yet, RCVC are currently operating pop-up clinics around the region with the help of local councils and organisations who are providing us the space to perform our work.

However with access to a fitted out van RCVC would be able to perform more clinics in more remote areas where facilities may be limited. A van would be the perfect asset for RCVC enabling us to not only carry the equipment needed to perform pop-up clinics but also to act as an extension of our operating facilities allowing us to perform more procedures including health checks and minor surgeries.

A van would also help the team from RCVC be able to assist animals in the event of natural disasters.

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