Regional Community Vet Clinic awarded $25,000 from The Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation.

Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC), a Mt Alexander Shire based non-profit organisation, are pleased to announce that as of 11/11/22 they have been awarded a philanthropic grant of $25,000 from The Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation. This funding brings the organisation to a total of $275,000 in grant funding towards their target of $400,000 to build a dedicated facility for not-for-profit veterinary care in regional Victoria.


Castlemaine, Victoria – November 11, 2022


Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) are delighted to announce that they are the proud recipients of a $25,000 donation from the prestigious Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation –

This grant was awarded to RCVC on the grounds of the foundation’s objective for “The initiation and support of social change, which goes towards increasing the equal treatment and social acceptance of all persons in the community” as RCVC continue their mission to offer not-for-profit veterinary care to all members of the community facing necessitous circumstances.

The grant brings RCVC to a total of $275,000 towards their $400,000 goal of constructing a portable veterinary clinic on vacant council land at rear of Campbell’s Creek Community Centre to service pet owners across the region who desperately want to keep and care for a companion animal but are struggling due to financial or physical disadvantage.

With funding goals looking close to being reached, RCVC are hopeful of meeting their goal of opening a dedicated clinic by the end of 2023, with all further funding being used to cover operational expenses and grow their social outreach program.


Donating to Regional Community Vet Clinic:

Regional Community Vet Clinic were granted deductible gift recipient (DGR) status in June 2022 meaning all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

For those interested in contributing their clinic fundraising campaign can be found at or through the RCVC homepage at

RCVC are also inviting any organisations interested in corporate giving or sponsorship to contact them at, call 0493 447 394 or visit


Volunteering at Regional Community Vet Clinic:

RCVC are in the process of finalising their volunteer program and are interested in hearing from aspiring volunteers from all walks of life at or 0493 447 394



About The Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation:

The Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation is a philanthropic organisation based in Melbourne Australia. We are focused on supporting registered charitable organisations who are actively making a positive difference in the lives of humans, animals and the natural environment. Our aim is to support organisations with the provision of grants up to $25,000 per year. Many of our grants have been awarded to small scale grassroots groups, who may otherwise struggle to attract the funding of larger more prominent organisations.

Each year, the Tucker Foundation will consider applications from organisations seeking to undertake projects that further the Foundation’s aims and objectives. 

Visit for more information



About Regional Community Vet Clinic:

Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) was founded in 2021 with the belief that companion animals play a vital role in the welfare and overall wellbeing of residents in regional communities.

Our mission is to establish facilities that provide affordable, quality veterinary care for companion animals when their owners are experiencing social disadvantage or financial hardship in Central Victoria.


Media Contact:

James Mack

Co-Founder & Secretary

Mobile: +61 411 823 787