Regional Community Vet Clinic (RCVC) is a newly established NFP focused on assisting the socially & financially disadvantaged in regional communities to continue to own and care for their companion animals.

RCVC was founded after recognising that animals within our community are unnecessarily being surrendered, abandoned or euthanized for completely preventable reasons.

This predominantly occurs due to the disparity in available and affordable animal care between metropolitan and regional population centers.

We believe that by supporting regional communities through low-cost and in the most extreme cases, subsidised veterinary care we can significantly reduce pressures on veterinarians and local councils while increasing the quality of life of companion animals and their owners.


Our aim is to provide services that benefit 5 key areas:

  • Pet Owners – Providing animal care services at a substantially discounted rate to financially disadvantaged community members allows them to continue gaining the physical and mental health benefits from owning a companion animal.


  • Companion Animals – By encouraging proactive and preventative care services we can increase their quality of life and dramatically reduce the risk of abandonment or euthanasia due to unaffordable health issues.


  • Veterinary professionals – By providing a NFP alternative to private veterinary care we can significantly reduce the financial and emotional burden of veterinary professionals who are at odds with their desire to help but confronted by the reality of operating a profitable business to support themselves, their family, and their staff.


  • Councils, Shelters & Pounds – By allowing financially challenged members of the community an opportunity to care for their animals we significantly reduce levels of animal abandonment or surrender in the community, as well as offering to facilitate responsible pet ownership services like chipping and spaying.


  • Native Australian Wildlife – By promoting responsible, affordable pet ownership and care we believe we can have a positive effect on native fauna by reducing the amount of feral domestic animals in the wild and communicable diseases between domestic animals and wildlife.

RCVC currently has a grant application in progress with Animal Welfare Victoria in the category for Establishment of new, low-cost Veterinary clinics. With this grant funding we plan to open a clinic in Mt Alexander Shire to start offering services to the community as soon as possible. Following the establishment of a stationary practice our hope is further funding and operational profits can be reinvested into the establishment of mobile and additional services.

RCVC Structure:


RCVC was formed by three directors all with unique and complimentary skillsets united by a passion for animal welfare and social justice.

  • Yvette Berkeley – Owner of a private veterinary practice in Castlemaine and experienced in providing animal welfare veterinary services to animal shelters and international animal aid operations.


  • Robyn Slattery – An experienced animal shelter manager with a background in accounting and a passion for animal welfare for both domestic and native animals.


  • James Mack – A business leader and project manager in the telecommunications space with both hands on and advocacy experience across a range of animal welfare organisations.